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Post-Operative Pain Relief

Post-Operative Pain Relief

Our staff is committed to preventing or controlling pain using state-of-the-art pain management. However, you may not be completely pain-free when you go home.

  • As the anesthesia effects wear off, the area of your surgery may hurt or burn.
  • If you need pain medicine, please ask for it. To help manage your pain, the nurse will explain how to use the Pain Scale Rating System.
  • If you have nausea, medicine can be given to try to make you feel better.
  • Any prescriptions will need to be filled at your pharmacy of your choice.

Good pain control can speed your recovery. Early treatment is best — it is easier to prevent pain than it is to play “catch up.” Pain is personal and everyone responds to it differently. Ask for medication — you don't have to wait for it to be offered to you. You can expect us to provide information about pain and pain relief.

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