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Surgical Care for Child

Surgical Care for Child

We do require that at least one parent or legal guardian remain at the center at all times while your child is in our surgical care. Parents and guardians will stay with the child in the waiting area until surgery, and will be reunited in a private recovery room as soon as the child is medically stable.

During surgery, parents and guardians should remain in the waiting area in case the surgeon, nurse, or anesthesiologist needs to contact you. The surgeon will meet with you to discuss the surgery at its completion.

Items to bring to the center:

  • comfort items for your child, e.g., blanket, toy, pacifier, etc.
  • empty bottle or sippy cup
  • formula or milk for after surgery needs

Your child will need all your attention on the day of surgery; we suggest that you do not bring other children with you to the center.

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